CARIS Research Ltd is unusual among IT consultancies in that it is a very small company that works primarily to provide strategic advice to blue chip clients. Most of these relationships are very long term ones, running over decades. For example, Robin Hirsch has been working with companies like London Underground, Hong Kong’s MTRC and Ferrovie dello Stato for over 20 years. Chris Wills was awarded the Finnish Signals Cross and Clasp in 2016 in recognition of his work in Finland over many years.  We are small enough to provide a highly responsive service to our clients and ensure that the people with whom they agree a project are the same ones who carry out the work. Yet we can call on a vast depth and breadth of practical and academic experience from our associates.

We don’t work as “solution resellers”. We always work in partnership with our clients and their staff at ground level to facilitate their understanding of the project or problem domain. We take a socio-technical approach to organisational, market, business and information systems analysis, often using a “Soft Systems” approach.

After years of experience, we believe that the best solutions can only be achieved as a result of inputs at both board level, and from the shop, office or factory floor. We have used this approach very successfully in both the private and the public sector, for retailers, borough and county councils, public transport operators, health trusts,  manufacturers and processing companies, the police service and the British Navy, Army and Air Force.