Initially set up as the Centre for Applied Research in Information Systems (CARIS), based in Kingston University, London, CARIS became a limited company in 2003, to provide more flexibility and confidentiality to commercial clients than a university centre could offer. Progressively, CARIS Research Ltd came to supersede the original research centre, since non-governmental clients sponsored most of the work.

Chris Wills and Robin Hirsch have worked together since 1987 and still form the core of CARIS Research Ltd. However, the company is also able to call upon a broad range of experienced associates in the UK, across the European Union and further afield in the USA, and Hong Kong.

These are either successful IT professionals with their own consulting businesses working for blue chip clients, or senior academics with in-depth knowledge of the issues involved in the project at hand. In either case, they are normally people whom we have known and with whom we have worked over many years.

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